Joining Exhaust Pipes Without Welding

Joining Exhaust Pipes Without Welding - Connection of exhaust pipe with no welding, If you are in need of the connection of an exhaust pipe, but do not have a welding device, there are many methods to get the job accomplished.

Welding joints are typically completed by the shops using U bolts, and other types of connections, but alternative methods are often employed.

In fact exhaust kits in complete form are connected by bolts without welding, and work exactly the same way.
Joining Exhaust Pipes Without Welding

These are our best ways to connect with an exhaust.

How To Size Exhaust Pipes

Before you purchase any components for joining an exhaust, make sure that you purchase the correct measurements.

To measure the dimensions of the exhaust, the pipe's diameter is measured with the help of tape measures.

In the event that the tube isn't round, but it's squeezed then use strings to move the pipe.

Take the long string and then divide it.

It is important to note that the exhaust pipe is made with two dimensions.

the Outside Dimension (OD) as well as to the Internal Dimension (ID).

The two measurements will be recognized as being the same, however one measurement is slightly larger so that it can protect the other pipes.

If the correct pipe sizes are used when bolting them together, it is an excellent option.

In the event that the improper size is used this could result in leaks.

Make sure you purchase the right-sized pipe components, and the system must be joined with no leaks.

Three Ways To Connect Exhaust Pipes Without Welding

  • U-Bolt Exhaust Clamp
U-Bolt clamps can be used to connect the exhaust pipe. Complete exhaust kits are available with the pipe connected using U-Bolts.

The one pipe needs to be fitted with an end flare, and be able to fit over the other or an alternative need to be picked. The pipe already built can be purchased from U-Bolts for replacement or to alter one part.

  • Band Sleeve Clamp
Band clamps are pieces of sleeve, which is set over the pipe, and then fixed to the pipe until it is joined.

They are extremely useful for pipes in which the pipe that is to be joined is straight, but aren't as suitable for bends or curvatures.

The clamps come in narrow or wide versions with greater width.

If you're replacing or joining two pipes, copper RTV is generally employed to help in its secure.

The new pipes won't require the RTV , and they will be bolted to each other.

  • Flexible Braided Pipe
Flexible, braided exhaust pipe is a great option in situations where a bend has to be made.

It can be either a long or short length, based on the length needed and can be secured by using U bolts.

Flexible pipe is an excellent choice in various situations and lasts for long durations.


If you want to connect your exhaust with no welding, there are three basic options to choose from.

These include U-bolts, band clamps and the flex pipes. It is crucial to look at your exhaust from multiple angles to determine the proper dimensions prior to buying any part.

A perfect fitting is vital when welding pipes to ensure the ideal seal and stop leaks.

Do you have the preferred method of connecting exhaust pipes without welding?

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