What Is A Heat Gun

What Is A Heat Gun - The term "heat gun" refers to a gadget that emits the air with a hot stream typically at temperatures of 100 and 550 degrees Celsius (200-1000 F) Some are even hotter, with models reaching 760 degrees Celsius (1400 F) and is able to be carried with the hand. 

What Is A Heat Gun

They typically come in the form of an extended body that is pointed at the object to be heated. 

It has an attached handle at an angle and a trigger in the same way as handguns, hence its name. 

A lighter-duty heat gun is like a portable hair dryer.


A heat gun is the source of heat that is usually an electrically heated element however, sometimes it is a gas flame or a mechanism that moves the hot air, such as the electric fans, except when gas pressure is enough for the nozzle to direct the air which could be a simple tube that is pointed in the same direction, or designed for specific purposes, such as focusing the heat onto one area or even thawing an entire pipe, however not the wall in front of it the pipe, a container to hold the parts and ensure the safety of the user and secure; a mechanism for turning the device on and off, like a trigger the handle, and an external or built-in stand, if the gun is intended to be operated hands-free. 

Although it's not officially called that the term, a hair dryer is a kind of low-temperature heat guns. 

The soldering irons that are powered by gas often come with interchangeable hot-air blower tips that produce an extremely narrow stream of hot air that is suitable for use with surface mount devices as well as shrinking tubing for heat shrinkage.

Infrared focus heaters can also be used to provide localised heating.


They are employed in the areas of materials science, physics and engineering, chemistry, and in other workshops and lab settings. 

There are many types of heat guns that operate at various temperatures and various airflows are used to strip paint, reduce tubing that shrinks heat shrink film, shrink wrap packaging. 

They dry wet wood and bend or join materials, soften adhesives and even thaw frozen pipes. 

The heat guns, commonly referred to as hot air guns or hot stations for this purpose are employed in the field of electronics to de-solder and rework surface mounted circuit components of boards. 

The use of heat guns is also to test the functionality of devices that protect against overheat for safety purposes, to test for an overheat situation.

Heating guns for household use is typical. 

They are also lighter weight hair dryers are often used to eliminate wallpapers and paint spots. 

The heat gun can also be used to stretch plastics with the aid of the gun. 

It also helps soften adhesives of various kinds. They also aid in the thawing of frozen pipes and shrink wraps. 

They can be utilized for roasting coffee beans or sear food or melt chocolate, sugar or chocolate.

Additionally, they can be utilized for bending PVC pipes. 

The use of heat guns is often to upholster furniture, or repair vinyl products.

To remove lead paints, temperatures lower than 590 degrees Celsius (1100 F) are employed to reduce the amount of vaporization.

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