What Is GMAW Welding

What Is GMAW Welding - The construction and manufacturing industries require large amounts of funds for labor and construction materials as outlined by Regis Geisler of Lincoln Electric. 

What Is GMAW Welding

Traditional welding techniques account for 70% to 85% of the total costs of construction and labor materials, but lower-cost and high-deposition rate welding techniques, like GMAW can lower overhead costs by up to 25 percent.

Because GMAW is a well-known welding method, people who are enrolled in welding programs should be aware of the basic aspects of this welding method. 

Below, you'll get more details about the application, definition, tools and benefits that come with GMAW welding.

GMAW Defined

The GMAW (gas metal arc welding) and is called MIG (metal inert gas) welding is a method of welding that permits welders to make welding on non-ferrous materials. 

This technique is referred to as gas-metal arc welding because of how the weld is formed an electrode that is continuous.

Is passed by the gun to the location of the weld. 

During the process, an inert tank separate from the gas acts as a protection around the location that the welding takes place. 

The gas stops external influences from compromising the integrity of the weld before as well after welding.

Tools Used in GMAW

Depending on the type of welding technique employed you might require a hand-held automated or robotic welding gun. 

Automated welding does not typically require any human intervention beyond determining the time to start. 

The essential equipment needed for an average GMAW semi-automatic setup consists of an electric source of power for welding wire feeders, which ensure the same voltage and speed as well as an electrode wire supply along with a welding gun as well as the shielding gas cylinder.

Applications of GMAW

While GMAW was initially designed to weld aluminum as well as other non-ferrous metals but it is now being employed for steels since it is faster than other methods of welding. 

Because GMAW can be utilized with various metals, this technique can be utilized to any field that uses these metals. 

Below are a few of the most popular applications for GMAW.

  • The automotive industry makes use of GMAW to produce as well as maintenance.
  • Robotic assembly lines make use of GMAW to speed up manufacturing processes.
  • Pipefitters employ GMAW when welding pipe joints.
  • The rail industry utilizes GMAW to make quick, durable repairs or the construction of railroad tracks.

Advantages of GMAW

Additionally, it can be used across a variety of industries, GMAW has a number of advantages over other welding techniques according to the Welding Classroom:

GMAW is not susceptible to chipping.

GMAW can be used on very thin materials with no burning holes.

There is less hydrogen held in the weld. This improves the strength and integrity of bond.

GMAW minimizes the use of electrodes because the entire material is contained within the weld.

Continuous electrodes from GMAW cut down on the time required on welders' work by removing electrodes.

This same material could be employed to weld thick or thin materials.

GMAW Welding Training

As the amount of construction and manufacturing jobs increase, the demand for welders is likely to keep growing.

In addition, the wide range of uses and benefits of GMAW welding makes this method a must for anyone looking to enter the field of welding.

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