What Is Heliarc Welding

What Is Heliarc Welding - Welders have to be aware that there are over sixty different welding techniques that they can use. 

While welding is simple joining of metals, the process itself is different from the other. 

What Is Heliarc Welding

Welding procedures differ based on the kind of equipment, pressure, and heat that is used. 

What do you mean by Heliarc Welding?

What Is Heliarc Welding

Heliarc Also often referred to as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) or, more commonly, Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, was invented during 1941 by Russell Meredith. 

In the process of welding it is necessary for a welder to create an arc between base metal as well as the electrode made of tungsten (the consumable). 

A weld pool will be formed where the welder will begin hand feeding the filler metal.

When this process is executed, the tungsten electrode as well as the weld pool are protected from oxygen contamination with the inert shielding gas. 

The gas that shields the inert is simply helium or argon in the case of helium utilized it is referred to by the name of Heliarc Welding. 

All of this leads to a weld with no slag and similar corrosion properties to the metal that is used as the base.

When To Use Heliarc Welding

Now , you may be asking your self "when is it appropriate to utilize TIG welding?". 

It all depends on the kind of work you're working on. 

To put it simply TIG welding, it is more difficult than many other processes, including MIG welding.

TIG welding requires greater control than the other welding processes as you need to concentrate on the aspects of timing and electric current as well as heat and pressure. 

This is why TIG welding is usually best left to a CNC operated welding device.

When you are deciding whether to use TIG welding, it is vital to be aware of the size of the metals you join. 

The more brittle metals are difficult to weld by heat them to join together. 

The greater the thickness, the more energy and heat will be required to bring them to their melting point. 

This could result in TIG welding less effective or result in cracks caused by heat stress. 

If you suffer from heat stress cracking, you may compromise the integrity of the weld as well as its corrosion resistance. 

Based on these factors it's clear that either Heliarc welding or TIG welding is the best choice for joining metals with thinner thickness.

One of the great things about welding with TIG is the control and precision that you are provided.

Welders are given the option of using an electronic remote control switch or footswitch to regulate the amperage and heat. 

In actual TIG welder also has a thinner design, making it easier for welders to control. 

With all this, welders who use the TIG welding method can get superior precision and more precise welding. 

That's something that all welding professionals need.

Heliarc Welding Career Opportunities

Similar to all welding techniques, Heliarc welding offers numerous opportunities for high-paying welding. 

You will require qualifications, certificates and expertise to be able to find at any welding school that is reputable. 

Here are a few fantastic job opportunities that you can get if you are a specialist in welding with TIG.

Aircraft Welding

If have the chance to land an opportunity to work as an aviation welding specialist, you've certainly been lucky out.

This occupation requires the most stringent standards as you'll be working with real aircrafts.

Pipeline Welding 

Is one of the jobs that is more popular however, it requires skilled welders and is often quite difficult.


This one I'm certain will be a big draw for the majority of welding professionals.

However, getting a job at NASCAR isn't easy because most people are prone to jump at any opportunity.

Structural Welding

This is yet another welding job that is very common.

It is less demanding, but is nonetheless very demanding.

Overall, TIG welding is a very popular procedure that could lead to incredible opportunities. 

As with any welding, it's crucial to follow the correct safety precautions. 

For instance, finding the most suitable welding helmet for you while wearing safety gloves and other safety equipment.

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