What Is Mig Welding Used For

What Is Mig Welding Used For - Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is the kind of welding used most often by both manufacturers and industries. 

What Is Mig Welding Used For

However, certain industries are more likely employ this type of welding (and/or provide more employment opportunities in this area) over other industries. 

Here is a brief overview of the industries that utilize MIG welding in the highest amount, and tend to recruit welders with professional certifications in this area.

Automotive Industry

MIG welding is typically utilized to repair automobiles motorcycles, vehicles for recreational use vans, SUVs and other vehicles. 

Its ability to make a sturdy weld of even extremely thin metals allows MIG welding an ideal method to assemble and repair the interior and body inside of any automobile. 

Metals that are MIG-welded are adaptable, which is a must for vehicles that must endure for a long period of service.

Many vehicles are constructed from aluminum, a metal that is typically welded with a MIG welder.

This means it is expected to be the case that MIG welding will be utilized for the production of cars in the future. 

But it is important to know that many automakers are shifting over from conventional MIG welding and are switching to laser MIG welding. 

The new type of welding offers a variety of advantages and offers greater quality, more stable process, better penetration, better ductility, and much more for lower costs as compared to conventional MIG welding.


Steel is the most widely utilized metal in construction. 

It is true that more than 50% of the world's steel is used in the construction of offices, homes bridges, bridges and wind turbine towers, and other structures. 

Although MIG welding was originally developed to work with aluminum and other non-ferrous metals being increasingly used to join steel too. 

Since MIG welding has become the welding method of choice to join structural steel so it's not a surprise for the industry of construction will require MIG welders.

MIG welding positions in the construction industry will increase over the next 10 years, due to the fact that it is the case that the United States government invests money to repair infrastructure. 

Another benefit having a welding related to construction profession is that these jobs are more likely to be semi-automated or automated than other types of welding. 

People who have the most up-to-date welding education that includes the most recent technology in the field and equipment, be the most likely to find employment.

High Production Manufacturing

High-production manufacturing is the production in mass quantities of an product. 

This kind of manufacturing can be employed to make such things as auto parts, computer components ships parts, and many other things. 

The reality MIG welding is MIG welding is economical and fast makes it perfect to use in high-volume manufacturing. 

Another reason MIG welding is widely used in for this industry is that it is able to be used on all kinds of metals. 

They include aluminum, steel carbon steel, magnesium nickel, and other alloys.

If you're looking for an MIG welding position in high-production manufacturing, you'll discover that there are plenty of options to choose from. 

The statistics show that as high as 60% of welding jobs are in the manufacturing industry. 

Particular MIG welding jobs could include fabricating metallic products, mining machinery and agricultural products, making parts for boats and ships as well as designing furniture for homes and offices.

Industry Outlook

However it is important to note that a lot of MIG welding tasks in the manufacturing and the automotive sector are now being taken over by robots.

But this doesn't necessarily mean there are less jobs for MIG welding workers in these areas because human welding workers are needed to manage and supervise these machines. 

Welding inspectors, technicians programmers and machinists are highly sought-after in this field and could make a good average annual salary.

MIG welding is simple to learn and could lead to a variety of jobs. 

But it's important to remember that this kind of welding is constantly evolving in line as technology advances. 

Training in this method through an occupational welding program could give aspiring welders the knowledge and training to be qualified for a wide range of positions in the near future.

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