How Much Is A Mig Welder – The Ultimate Guide

In this article, you’ll learn about How Much Is A Mig Welder. When I began welding five years ago, I didn’t know what was the process of welding to begin with or even what to look for in a welder. I struggled with MIG welding basics at first however I persevered with it until I learned my self how to use the MIG welding methods that will produce great welds.

If you’re looking for an MIG welder, and you’re just beginning your journey, you’re making the GREAT choice. I’ve been helping novices and amateurs learn how to weld for many years. 

I’ve helped thousands exactly like you to start in the art of MIG welding by providing a beginner’s instruction on welds. Take a look for help if you’re stuck or need assistance in starting out.

How Much Is A Mig Welder

MIG Welding Is Well Known For Beginners To Learn. If you’re looking to learn about how you can MIG weld steel, or you can MIG weld aluminum and are an absolute beginner, be aware that a MIG welder is an excellent starting point.

If you are looking for a powerful welder to do hobby welding or automotive work, maintenance of machines for farming, or even the mechanical aspects of work. A MIG welder will perform well.

Not just do MIG welders create beautiful aesthetic welds, but it’s extremely easy to master and is very affordable to begin. In reality, of all welding methods, MIG is the most effective and most straightforward welding process for novices to master.

When you’re looking to buy an MIG welder or How to Use a MIG Welder Like a Pro, be sure to purchase the right one for your requirements.

This MIG Buyer’s Guide you’ll learn MIG welding techniques on how to select the appropriate welder to do the job you require to accomplish and without spending more than you’re able to.

I’m going talk on my experience with the Longevity series of MIG welders in the coming days. I own Hobart and a Hobart and Longevity, and besides the price difference, they’re pretty similar.

If you decide to weld the stainless steel or aluminum using your MIG welder There are a few things you must be aware of prior to jumping into.

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MIG Welder Buyers Guide: How To Select A MIG Welder

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When choosing the best MIG welding machine, you’ll want to ensure that you purchase one that is able to connect to a gas cylinder. No matter what brand you choose regardless of the brand you choose, you’ll need some basic welding instruction to assist you in your journey.

It is possible to find MIG welders in the market which are capable of welding using the flux the wire that is used for welding. The issue is that it creates a slag-like coating on the weld, which needs to be removed as it doesn’t have an insulating gas.

In the near future, you’ll be need to connect to a gas cylinder due to the attractive appearance of the weld as well as the fact you’re able to see the weld puddle more clearly.

MIG Welding Tips On Power

Welders are classified according to the amount of amperage they generate during a specific duty cycle. The amperage is the amount of heat it produces The duration of the cycle represents the amount of time in a 10 minutes time frame that the welder is able to be operating at a specific amperage, without overheating.

In essence in a nutshell, if you’re welding continuously for prolonged durations at high amperage (for more robust metal) you need a welder with a heavy efficiency.

It’s not as important to become entangled in the working hours of a welding machine when selecting which one to buy.

Be aware that if you intend to increase to a high level and welding on the metal with no break, then you’ll need an electric welder that has a high work rate.

110 Volt Vs. 220 Volt

Before purchasing a MIG welder, ensure that you have the proper electrical outlets in place. The great thing about 110 voltage MIG welders is they can plug them into any home 110 voltage outlet.

This makes it easy to purchase a welder connect it to the outlet in your home and start welding in minutes. The negative is that you’re only restricted to the maximum amperage that your welder can generate with 110 volt outlets.

If all you want is to weld metals that are not more than one eighth” in a single go the 110 volt welding machine will be able to do the job. For the majority of enthusiasts, a 110 volt welder is sufficient.

If you require greater power as you’ll be welding 1/2 ” thick, metal in one go, you’ll need two20 volt welding equipment. This is of course requiring the 220-volt outlet in place should you not have one.

Do You Want Spool Gun Capability?

The MIG welding tricks I’m sharing with you may save you lots of money, particularly when you purchase an MIG welder that doesn’t have the ability to spool guns.

A question to consider before you purchase your first MIG welder is if you wish to connect an Spool gun. Finding a MIG welder with this feature means that it could weld aluminum.  There aren’t many large-sized hobby welders offer this choice as well, and my Hobart 140 doesn’t provide this capability.

However it is true that however, the Longevity MIG 140 I own has this feature. All you need to do is purchase the aluminum gun, connect it up and then you’re ready to join aluminum.

How Do I Know If I’m Buying A Good Welder?

Be sure that the welder you choose has a solid warranty. It’s obvious to avoid to a flea market looking for a MIG welder unless you are prepared for to be disappointed. My Hobart and Longevity welding machines are covered by a five-year warranty.

MIG welders begin with 110-volt low amperage machines that can weld as much as 3/16″ steel.  They then move up to massive 220 volt machines that can weld 1/2″ steel in one go. Be aware that low-amperage units typically only have the capability to weld with the flux wire. 

A lot of them do not have the ability to connect to the gas cylinder. This is a feature you want that you will be kicking yourself in the back in the near future if you do not acquire.

After you’ve gone through the MIG buyers’ guide you’re now ready to purchase your first MIG welder to construct that much-anticipated welding project you’ve been wishing for. I hope that these MIG welding tips have been useful to you.

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